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Baltic International Airshow 2022

06.08.2022. 11.00–18.00

The most impressive adventure of the year for the whole family - air show No. 1 - Baltic International Airshow 2022!

For two days, Liepaja will be the capital of Baltic aviation and invites you to the largest and most ambitious air show on 6-7. August at Liepaja International Airport! Fighter jets, pilot groups, colored smoke and pyrotechnics - all this, and even more right in front of your eyes above the runway of Liepaja Airport! More than 6 hours of flight program with the best air performances in the industry, unforgettable fighter turns, and of course, synchronous figures of aerobatic teams in the sky!
Premiere of many performances in Latvia!

And that's not all - for the first time in Latvia, spectators will have the opportunity to watch the planes prepare and go to the runway with a 270-degree visibility around the apron! This means you will be closer to aviation than ever before! Plan probably the best weekend this year, and buy tickets NOW!

You have to buy a different ticket for each day of the show.

Admission is free for children under 8 years of age (inclusive).