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Exhibition of paintings "Parade" by Mārtiņš Krūmiņš 

03.07.2022. 10.00–18.00
Liepājas muzejs, mazā zāle (Kūrmājas prospekts 16, Liepāja)

Martiņš Krūmiņš believes that the artist is a bit of a scientist who studies the world. Only in an irrational way. An abstract painting is not only an influx of personal feelings but also an abstract form of a new discovery, in which the focus is on the seemingly elusive but the essential. It's like a story about the invisible side of the moon, when the shape and content of a painting become equally important, or even the form that makes up new content.

The exhibition features paintings by Mārtiņš Krūmiņš, made in Riga, Kaunas, Siauliai, and Liepaja. In his works, the boundaries between the abstract and the real are not strictly defined, but are flowing, sometimes even imperceptible, and stimulating the imagination.

According to the artist, abstraction is only a reality unknown to us or not yet recognized or available - similar to mushroom wine about which we know nothing. However, if ever mushroom wine is created, this abstraction will probably become a reality.