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Exhibition “Dajevskis in America"

03.07.2022. 10.00–18.00
Liepājas muzejs, muzeja anfilāde (Kūrmājas prospekts 16, Liepāja)

The exhibition “Dajevskis in America” features paintings, performance sketches, and sketches by the Latvian painter and stage designer Ēvalds Dajevskis (1914-1990), made in the United States, where most of the painter’s life and art period took place.

After World War II, the artist worked as a stage designer and painter in the United States, a country that inspired him, but New York took over completely. However, even the work at Broadway and the Lincoln Center did not make him forget the Latvian theater, which is the great love of Ēvalds Dajevskis. He has created scenery and sets for more than 20 Latvian plays in America.

Arriving in New York in 1951, Ēvalds Dajevskis encountered landscape paintings radically different from those known in Europe. His artist’s eye was drawn to New York’s visual complexity with its many buildings, bridges, tunnels, chimneys, and industrial areas. He was particularly attracted to the industrial districts, inspiring fantastically new forms of work related to the city he soon adopted as his home.